About: Gelato Vero’s specialty is creating signature flavors for chefs all over California. These unique recipes may be specifically created for a particular restaurant or offered to all wholesale clients. The Gelato Vero brand of gelatos and sorbettos was established by Henry Rabinowitz in San Diego in 1984. We use only the freshest ingredients in our base mix and only the finest nuts, fruits, chocolates and extracts for our gelatos and sorbettos.

Gelato Vero has a specially formulated all natural base mix and has a lower sugar content than almost any ice cream on the market. As any chef can attest, sugar masks flavor. Gelato Vero prides itself on its exceptionally smooth texture. This is a result of high quality ingredients and the freezing process. The faster the product is frozen once out of the machine, the smoother the result.

Some of the differences between gelato and American style super premium ice cream are its lower butterfat content and much lower air content: Gelato Vero 0%, Hagen Daz 20%, Ben and Jerry’s 20- 30%, Baskin Robbins 50%. Gelatos are typically served at a higher temperature, 15°F, compared to approximately 5°F for American style ice cream. This is necessary due to its high density. A great advantage of serving at this higher temperature is that it does not numb the palate. This allows the taste sensors in the mouth to experience the intensity of the flavors.

Gelato Vero makes European style sorbettos noted for their distinct flavors and fine texture. They are made from pureed fruit, sugar and filtered water. There are many sorbettos on the market but the best ones, like Gelato Vero, have a fruit content as high as 75%. Our sorbetto also has a 0% overrun. We also use a natural stabilizer in a few of our low fiber sorbettos (le. Lemon, lime, grapefruit and orange) to prevent separation.

Examples of Signature Gelatos: Caramel Balsamic Vinegar, Honey with Edible Flowers, Crème Fraiche, Baumes de Venise, Buttermilk, Saffron

Examples of Signature Sorbettos: Sorbettos w/ Edible Flowers or Herbs, Lemongrass, Blackberry Cabernet, Strawberry Chardonnay, Champagne 

Our current customers include a spectrum of restaurants (Italian, French, Mediterranean, Asian, Southwestern and Continental). However, our quality and variety do not limit us and we have a flavor appealing to every ethnic cuisine. We serve hotels, coffeehouses, and caterers.

Awards: 2000 – Best Gelato – San Diego Reader, 1999 -Winner of the Crème de la Crème Award — San Diego Union, 1997- 1991 – Winner of the National Ice Cream Festival held each year in San Diego for Best Ice Cream and Best Flavor Awards for Spumoni Dark Chocolate Espresso Bean, 1988 – Official Ice Cream of the San Diego Russian Festival Pomegranate Ice Cream, 1985 – Selected Nationwide by Warner Books The Vet), Best Ice Cream and Where to Find It

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